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safado- 8B2 or 8IW?

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Can't really decide, which ones should I get?!



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8IW IMO. Way better.
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8IW, one of the best washes ever made IMO
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8B2 doesn't stand a chance.
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lol, yeah what are you thinking? There should no question.

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Thanks guys!

Cez, I like the wrinkle look on the 8B2's however 8IW are amazing!

Oh, I'm also sizing down on these so I'm sure sand will be happy with me. lol
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^^ those are pics from treasurewoard ebay?lol. and no need for my opinion. get what they say.
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Yeah they are! Have you dealt with them before?
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what are you sizing down from? only size down on 8IW if your current size fits you loose in the waist. otherwise, don't size down. 8IW doesn't stretch much.
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He is a mod on authentic forum. he's legit but kinda overpriced and most of his stuff is 2nd hand and washed. so its up to you.

Originally Posted by Gpoop View Post
Yeah they are! Have you dealt with them before?
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8IW is forever!!

should not buy 8B2!!
( only back pocket stitch design is good, wash is ugly imo )
u like safado?
if so, u should replace 8YM u have for size down at first. yet?
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Looking for safado 8IW (i love safado above all) i've found these:

Jeans Diesel, Jeans Le Temps des Cerises, jeans Japan Rags, Jeans Energie, Jeans G-Star, Jeans femme, jeans homme, Jeans marque

Guys is this a safe dealer in your opinion? They look real to me but way too cheap. Sorry mod if this is the wrong thread for asking such a question
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^i forgot: my vote is for 8IW as well. in any case i own 8B2 and like them
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8IW, no doubt. And don't size down on those, they are tight! They are stiff at the beginning but they only soften with wear but doesn't stretch much.

Those 8iw look super faded on the thighs.
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My Safado 8iw are nowhere near as faded as them. Although I love 'em I've always preferred the wash I've seen on most Zatinys or Thanaz.

8B2 not too bad at all if you can't get 8iw I reckon. Probably would have copped them if it hadn't have been for the contrast stitching down the side.
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I actually like how faded they are!
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