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Legit site?

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Hi "TheSuperBron",


Mainline Menswear are indeed a 'legit' site. We are based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire in the UK and are authorised stockists of every brand we sell, all 100+ of them. Diesel have been on board with Mainline for roughly five years now and we could be considered the largest independent retailer of Diesel clothing, jeans, footwear, accessories and watches in the UK if not Europe.

I'm not entirely sure where "Cez" got his information from but if you want to check us out further please visit the site (www.mainlinemenswear.co.uk) our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/mainlinemen) or our blog (blog.mainlinemenswear.co.uk) and hopefully this will set your mind at ease. We ship all over the world and are currently taking stock of the Spring Summer 2011 collection, meaning there are loads of new pieces on the site, but also a large amount currently reduced in the January sale.

Look forward to seeing you soon!



Mainline Menswear Ltd

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Yeah it looks legit to me. Usually(not always but a lot of the times) the fake websites have too good to be true prices. When you click that link in SuperBrons first post there is a pair of Dirty new age Krooleys. Those are the 8y3 wash I think. Thats probably nicest new wash that is out IMO.  I have those in Safado.

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I have purchased from Mainline Menswear many times, last week I picked up a nice Paul Smith belt in the sale. The service is always great and everything is 100% genuine. I am in  no way affiliated with the site but can recommend them totally.


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