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Hi there
I am looking for AG Size 29 or 30 Club jeans but I have a delmena in the sizing...

I am generally a size 30, my other jeans meausre 16" across, consistantly. The size 29 in the AG Club's seems to be 15.5 across (which is .5 difference from my other jeans), and the size 30 seems to be 17" across, so 1.5 inch difference. Im afraid the 30 will be too big. Do you think that the 29 seems to be the right size or that the .5 inch difference would make the fit too small?

I have a slim top, botty bum, long torso, and athletic legs and stomach.\Im watching a size 29 right now on ebay... the seller says the it measures 15.5 across the top...

I hope that's the right size but I just dont really know... eeek.

Ive also heard from someone that the jeans feel a bit binding. If theyre going to be tight fitting, then I really dont want that, but perhaps she just has the wrong size.
Are these jeans meant to be tight or slim fitting?

Please let me know what you think