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Disco Kings - Born To Be Alive (Benny Benassi Remix)

love the beat
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Mariah Carey "It's Like That" hahah, I love it
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Artist-33HZ/Song-Lovely. I want to personally thank the HF member who recommended this extraordinary artist/group.....but I forgot.
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Yaviah - En La Mia
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band: The Jesus and Mary Chain
track: Taste the Floor

Homesick, and Siamese Twins are awesome tracks!!! Try to find the track, "see the children" it's an easy cure demo, great track, it's really too bad they didn't release that and killing an arab on their remastered albums. But, I guess it's understandable.

Oh well, Killing an Arab is one of their best tracks played live.

oh, new track: The Living End

same band
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i'm feeling sick and today was gloomy as hell, so, today for me it was yo la yengo (painful/and then nothing.../sounds of science) and the american analog set (the golden band). they always put my mind at ease.
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Matthew West - More
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Chevelle - Get Some
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Neil Young and Crazy Horse - After the Gold Rush
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ATB - Kayama
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other stuff i've been listening to and which i encourage you to check out:

stars - set yourself on fire (just great pop music)
say anything - . . . is a real boy (dramatic rock in the currently popular vein)
gatsbys american dream - volcano (probably my favorite band)
further seems forever - how to start a fire (too bad their new album sucks)
aimee mann - the forgotten arm (no words for this woman)
fiona apple - extraordinary machine (sooo good)
david bowie - the rise and fall of ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars (holy crap what a great album)
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a mix with:

this is hell
explosions in the sky
american nightmare
the suicide file
horror show
the smiths
the cure
saves the day
sigur ros
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Eric Prydz - Call On Me
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my bloody valentine - loveless
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Originally Posted by Aimz339
Robbie Rivera and Stonebridge - One Eye Shut
Xm radio streaming on the computer.
freakin great track

im makin a new mix

Bedrock - santiago (orig mix)
Roman Flugel - geht's noch (steve angello mix)
Pryda - aftermath (orig mix)
M.A.N.D.Y. vs Bookashade - body language (orig mix)
Skeleton Key - the conjure (steve lawler mix)
Roger Sanchez - turn on the music (axwell mix)
Haji & Emanuel - take me away (white label)
Chiapet - westworld (nic fancuilli skylark mix)
Cirez D - teaser (orig mix)
Criss Source - hugs & kisses (orig mix)
Deep Dish - flashdance (meat katie mix)
Stretch & Vern - beat n bones (orig mix)
Trentemoller - beta boy (orig mix)
Erick Morillo - break down the doors (david morales instrumental)
Deep Dish - sacramento (move ya & steve lavers mix)
Cohen vs Deluxe - just kick it (carl cox mix)
Cirez D - rematch (orig mix)
Cirez D - lost love (orig mix)
Reflekt ft. Deeline Bass - need to feel loved (fuzzy hair vocal mix)
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I have a total of two songs on my computer:

Morcheeba- Undress Me Now
David McCallum- The Edge
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narcotic trust - when the dawn breaks ( cicada remix ) . awesome track
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Into The Moat - Empty Shell
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'panda' by dungen
'shine a light' by wolf parade
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Thread Starter 
Foreigner - double vision
then it's
Foreigner - Cold as Ice
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Pastora - La Vida Moderna
and a whole bunch of random singles. I have waaaay too much music to listen to.
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Frou Frou..."details"......best album ever
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Originally Posted by Ben24
narcotic trust - when the dawn breaks ( cicada remix ) . awesome track

Georgie Porgie - Sunshine (josh harris radio mix) (i think)
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Originally Posted by bombon99
Frou Frou..."details"......best album ever
I love that album too! Still waiting on a follow-up (Guy and Imogen are working on a new one, she even posted one demo from the forthcoming album on her website - stunning stuff). Did you get her solo album released this year? A bit more experimental but still quite similar to Frou Frou in places. She also has a bunch of non-album stuff popping up here and there (an itunes-only track released this week and a new song on that Chronicles Of Narnia soundtrack).
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jim yoshi pile-up - hello
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