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which darron u have ? (till SS10)

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from thread of Viker with a tapered leg?,
 i want to focus on the darron..

Originally Posted by darkknight View Post
you can try darron. a bit higher rise and a little tighter in the thighs though.
i like darron , but i have never got that.

plz let me know which darron u have(like) ?

-64U(design is good ,but ounce is so thin..)

before FW09?

any other...

wash and some reason why u choose that if u have...
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I have 8sm, 8sv, 88z, and 8ih. I'm selling 8sm and 8sv, not my style anymore, but 88z and 8ih are awesome. I'm not really looking to buy any new pairs, as I like the fit of thanaz alot better (yea, I know, you envy skinny guys with small waist. lol). the only pair I might consider is 64u, but from the sounds of it, I'll probably have to size down like 2 to have a good fit post-stretch. and I'll deff have to taper them as I can no longer wear anything bigger than thanaz below the knees.
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darron 8sv and 8up and 8ww are awesome
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I have 8SV (soft and nice, got due to a delivery problem of 8RQ)
8SM (like the thick cloth and the wash)
8LG (unfortunately one size too big - selling or tailoring, I really like the colour, contrast stitching is decent!)
8IH (imo best pair, soft, stretchy, great wash)
8JM (got as an exchange for Gloovy 8FC, very soft cloth, except the destroyed part it's a nice wash)
and 88Z (unfortunately one size too big - currently at the tailor, curious about the results) - would like to open a "Diesel altered" thread afterwards with pics. hope for help and pics from darkknight
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I have Darron 8WW one of my favorite Jeans
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8WW is great- a bit light on the denim, but the wash and texture are unbelievable. Good yr round wash, but the distressing limits it somewhat.
71V- Nice Year Round wash; versatile
8SM- Very Soft Denim- nice wash application good F/W pair
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I have
8LG(my first diesels)
88Z (runs slimmer than 8LG)
8WW (best looking)
8C0 (like 8SV but more blueish and without the green shade, runs big).
I also like 8SV (Made in Italy), 8E7 and 64U.
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Darron 8TL, awesome pair. bought it in the outlet center in roermond.
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8TL is definitely an underrated wash- I have it in Zatiny and it rocks
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wow, thx for everybody..

i want darron-8IH, but i can't find that.
 or slammer...
at now,i think want to make new thread "load to thanaz"

for guys
started 21cm or more , but now who want to go to thinner jeans....

but i'm not sure about more tapered jeans than safado.
i should not make that..

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sorry finally: i have curious for 8IH and 88Z
 why my favor are same w/t dk's ?
 Sorry dk. I'm not gay. Lol

i like 88Z for all ID( i have vikekr-88Z )

not 64U(ounce is so thin...)
how about? Darron... for load to thanaz.
 i never try thanaz. i hate my hip! 
for guys w/t big hip like me, suitable not slammer & thanaz but darron IMO.

I'll try to find darron-8IH,8ZZ in future... W31xL34
 in these days, i like being kicked by u(and all)...
 (Masoch?) XDDDD.
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^sand you know we all love you badly
no homo
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Speak for yourself. I have much homo love for Sand.
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anybody know how darron 8B2's fit?


I love my 88Z's and are looking for more that fit like those

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Darron 8sv for now , loved the cut so getting more.
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anybody know how 64u fits? i have darron 8e7 in size 30x32 so i was wondering what size i should get?

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Really want 8e7 but can't find it anywere :(
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u can find on rakuten market.


here is japanese site of rakuten.




L32(W29,30,32,33,34) is selling now.


but u know, japanese price is 2 times higher than EU/US's. lol


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