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Authenticity check please ^_^

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I apologize for the quality of these pictures. They were taken on my Moto Droid.

I got these on clearance at Off 5th. There were 2 more exactly like this one. They look and feel real (although this is only the 2nd pair of R&R I have bought - I have tried on a lot though!), and the crystals are just gorgeous. I normally trust stores like Saks Off 5th, but ever since I found a pair of fakes at Nordstroms Rack a while back, I've been a bit wary.

The reason why I question this pair is because the tags are funny. The only tag that is on the jeans is the one I have in the picture. It doesn't have the style and wash tag and it doesn't have the little authentic tag, either. I also included a picture of the Off 5th sales tag to see if anybody can make any sense of it and find the style that way.

Thanks in advance!
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The pictures are so small that it's hard to really authenticate but from what I can see of the stitching they look to be real.
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Sorry, here are bigger pictures:

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Yup, I still think they're real
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