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buy jeans through paypal (no ebay)

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Originally Posted by kies89 View Post
if i get fake jeans or nothing, i get my money back or something??
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serious? what if i get something different from the pictures?
and keep every picture and conversation as evidence

still no?
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You do get your money back if you file a claim.
I buy through paypal all the time.
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When you deal out of ebay, you can't have the benefit of the "buyer's protection" that allows you to get fully refunded if you start a dispute and paypal determines you have been scammed in any way (I skip the details of all the procedure).
You have a refund from paypal even if the seller has taken the money out of his paypal account. Paypal will then deal with the seller to get the money back.

When you don't deal on ebay, this protection is more limited, if i'm right, if you start a dispute, paypal will lock the seller's account, so if he has money on it, the seller will not be able to take it out of it until dispute is ended.
Paypal will only be able to refund you from the money the seller's has on his paypal account. So if he take it out, as soon as he receive it, like I do...paypal will not be able to refund you any money.

Paypal is more like a platform that allows you to pay for items/send money easily to somebody else and not some kind of warranty that assures you to be fully covered if you have been scammed.
But paypal has some partnership with ebay and stuff that allows you to have this warranty in case of a problem with the seller. But is more like an exception to the principle.
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if you can have the seller send you an invoice describing the transaction and linking to a page with pictures and item description like honestmall, it will give you more of a base for dispute if the item is different than what is described, but still not as safe as ebay as they want you to use ebay so they canget more of your money
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You are protected through paypal, just make sure the seller sends you adetailed invoice STATING that the jeans are Authentic and brand and wash. If you get a fake you will be screwed the same way you are screwed in ebay if yo u get a fake, its your word against his and honestly its a pretty tough fight to get money back.

So yes you get protection in paypal, its worthless but you get it.
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