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Finally my own outlet shop !!!

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Step by step i started my own shop with jeans . I'm now a couple of years wearing seven for all mankind but i was so interested in this brand that i started my "second" job with these jeans .
I have for sale about 170 SFAM jeans , all recent collection .
Tell me what you think about it . I cannot sell to the US because i'm from Belgium (Europe) . It's just for a opinion .

Thanks !!!

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it's ok... it might be hard to get buyers to trust you as a legit seller at first. For something like this I always find eBay to win over a personal website.
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Looks nice! I think you'll do well since it's probably hard to find 7FAM for less than retail in Belgium.

While we're on the subject of online boutiques we've opened, here's mine: Bluemington Boutique - Your Source for New and Pre-Owned Designer Denim! which I opened last June. It's really just a prettied-up version of my Craigslist postings because friends and family were asking to see what I had up for sale...
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