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Hello guys , I'm looking for


Thanaz 73H  W 27-28  L30-32


Thanaz 8KW W27  L30-32


(Mint condition)



If anyone got these and want them go just let me know :)

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Hey guys~~ looking for Thanaz 73j size 28/30 or 28/32 in mint or great condition.

Messege me if any one is selling one of them =)


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I'm looking for women's Matic W 26 or 27  L30. Wash AA8.



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Looking for a pair of Larkee 008RQ 32W x 34L.  Can anyone get their hands on 'em?

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Looking for shioner 8PJ, shioner 8PN, and shioner 8x6 in 28/32

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Safado 884b anywhere available in 34?:(

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It says:

We're sorry, this product is currently not available for international shipping.

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Searching for the 884B, this is the 882b i already own:P

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Im sorry man. I own both so I get them confused sometimes. Have you seen them in person yet? They are sick! I have pics up here somewhere,

I looked over the internet and couldnt find that length anywhere man. Im sorry

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I have seen your pics, thas why i want those safados:D

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I'm selling a


Safado 880W in W33 L34

Safado 8Y3 in W33 L34


Cheap price and quality



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Looking for Safado 880w 30X30, does anyone know where to get one?

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I found a 31x30 and a 30x32 here http://www.newyorkspeed.com/p-7519-diesel-jeans-men-blue-safado-880w-straight.aspx -- use the code ROSS123 for an extra 5% off at checkout

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Still searching for Krooley 8y8 ( 34/34 or 34/32), Viker 8QQ (32/32 or 34/32) and the yesterday mentioned 884b...


Any informations?:)

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I am looking for Diesel Black Gold Excess in solid black - W27/26  (as long as possible but I can handle any length) 

here is an old asos shot of the product :



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selling thanaz 73j 31X32 pm me if you are interested

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Hi, I'm searching for a classic light indigo jeans wash..

Fadings, abrasions or scrapes are not particularly needed (for example I like very much the new 0888s wash of the 2012 collection).

I prefer the Safado cut because, If I go one size up, it fits me very good and I like its straight leg.


The size should be 29x30.

Can you please help me to find something like that in a store that can ship in Italy?

thankyou for any help.

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I'm looking for Safado 880N in size 28.  The smallest I've been able to find is 29 and that's too big.  Any help would greatly be appreciated. 

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Wanted: thanaz 73j, 31x32

Pm me if you want to sell, I will pay top $$$.
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hi guys,


im lookin for

Thavar 8x2 W 32,33 L 34

Iakop 881z same size  ( found in 1 fu**ing store but not available in my size ) :/

Krooley 8nj same size

Tepphar 881w same size


Thanks in advance :)

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Hi guys I am looking for the following jeans

Thavar 008X2

Thavar 008NE

Thavar 008QL

Thanaz 0880F


either a waist 29/30 and length 30, email me at samseng666@gmail.com

would appreciate the help thanks :)

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Looking for Tepphar 881W in size 28/30, 28/32, 29/30 or 29/32.

Thanks :)

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