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please find me a thanaz 8sv in  w27/28 l30/32


also looking for thanaz 73J,71J or 8gz in w28


pm me if u got something

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I'm looking for Safado 8i3 (or any other 8i3, if that wash exists in any other cut, preferably something slim) in a 30x32 or something very close to that (29-31 waist and 32 or 34 inseam, potentially 30 depending on the actual measurement).  Let me know if you have them or know where to get them online (shipped to the US).  Thanks!

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can someone help me to find timmen or viker 73I in size W33/l30 or W32/I30 or in any other cut thank you 

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Hey guys. Looking for the Krooley 8YM and the 8B9 in size w31 L32 or L34.

I know Asos had them for 85 pounds on sale but they are out of stock :((

Anyone can offer me one of these or knows a site where I can get them?


thanks so much


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Anyone know of where a dude could get DIESEL THANAZ 8DK 28x30 or close for cheap?

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i need some jeans.


thanaz 8ww 73j

size: w26 l30 or w27 l30

safado 8ym safado 73j

size: w26 l30 or w27 l30

darron 8ww

size: w26 l30 w27 l30


If you have, please PM me


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i have a pair of 28/32 thanaz 8kw and a pair of 27/32 thanaz 8ww that im letting go! the 27s will fit a 28 and some 29 waist people perfect! PM me!

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looking for shioner 8aa 27x32

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Thanaz 8ww 29x32

Thanaz 8SV 29x32

safado 8ym 28x30

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darron 8ww 28x32

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I need a thanaz 86c 29/32 or 30/32 (inseam can vary).. if anyone has one I will buy it in any decent condition :D

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I got a 8b9 in 31X32 if you are interested pm me asap

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Looking for:


In 26x30

Thanaz 71j

Thanaz 8l4

Thanaz 8aa

Safado 8e7

Darron 8e7

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i am looking for diesel darron-8e7 in size 32 W, 32 L.

if you do have one, please pm me .

thanks alot

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anyone know where i can find zatiny 8d8 elsewhere or is ssense the best place and price for this model /wash?









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Looking for these thanaz:



Thanaz   8DK   in 27X32(34) or 28X32(34)


Thanaz   73J    in 27X32(34) or 28X32(34)


Thanaz   8AA   in  27X32(34) or 28X32(34)



Somebody selling one of these? PM me. <img src=" width="1" />icon_smile.gif



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Safado 8IW 26x30

Safado 8YM 26x30

Viker 71B 26x30

Viker 8YM 26x30

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i am looking for a pair of darron 8e7, or safado 8e7.

Size 32 W, 32 L.

anyone has one for good price

please PMme 


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i have 2 pair of thanaz 8kw. both in amazing condition. one is 28/32 and the other is 29/30. pm if your interested!

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Hi guys, I'm looking for:


Thanaz 8LP (Size 30 or 31) Will trade for my size 29/32 8LP


Thanaz 73J (Size 31) Will trade for my Size 30/32 73J


Thanaz 8SV (Size 31) Will trade for my Size 30/32 8SV


Thanaz 71J (Size 30 or 31)


All preferred unaltered inseam of 32.


Also, I am selling:

Thanaz 8B9 (30x32 worn twice outside, practically good as new)

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Cool, found some jeans! Now looking for one more pair:


Thanaz 71J 30 or 31 waist (32 or 34 inseam)



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I am looking for Trouleg 61E 32/30....



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searching for a thanaz 73j in waist 27, 28, 29 and 32 length

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ill sell u my 29/34 for 6oo euro

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