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"The official find me these Diesel\\\'s Super-thread"

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Nobody ever really checks the wanted section on a regular basis and imo it's retarded to keep telling to people to post there when there is daily traffic in the Diesel section. So, from now on please feel free to post your "wanteds" here.

Only post Diesel items. I do not want this to become a den for vultures so members should post leads only. If you are posting you're own leads it will be deleted and you will receive an infraction. If it becomes a habit you will be temp. banned or if I feel like it Perm. banned. Please be polite and respect one another. Selling outside the mall is still against the rules, however I would not be opposed to members using this thread as way to promote items they are selling in the Honest Mall.

Newbies, I highly recommend you refrain from buying any items from anyone w/ less than 90 days or have 0 feedback. If someone approaches you trying to sell you a pair of $200-300 jeans don't be a retard. The Honest Mall is there for a reason. Protect yourself.

Selling out outside the Honest mall is still against the rules, so please keep the post on track so I don't have to lock this up. No Spam. The Veteran's members know the rules and should help enforce them. Don't make me regret this guy's.
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^hey Cez, sounds like HF wake up
are all those ideas coming from Dave?
buahaha you know I'm hyronical
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All me baby. Dave doesn't fly shit past me why I should I return the favor?

If he was a fair man he would be be paying the MOD's for all the work we put in, WORD UP ANTHONY, TWEE, AND DESIGNERDESIRE. Give us some free JAWNS or something.

lol, Whatever I know Dave ain't going to share the love. You guys are the reason I am doing this. We deserve better than what he has been giving us. So, I've been on break this week and finally decided to implement some ideas I've had, while I still have some power .

I hope it helps.
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it's "fun" when people love and run what you created better than you do...
this means
are you a genius?

who knows...

btw, I'm glad to see this place is hard to die
despite all
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Safado in 8YM size- 30/30

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Zatiny 73j 29x30 New AND CHEAP!!
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great thread, im in.... looking for zathan 73h in 29x32 or 30x32. please hook me up! also looking for 8kk in the same sizes. thanks!
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thanaz 8aa 26/27x30
thanaz 86c 26/27x30
thanaz 8dk 27/28x30
thanaz 8iw 26/27x30

please =D
I'm not sure on the waist measurements on these so thats why theres two sizes. I wear thanaz 26x30 8lp and thanaz 8sv/73j 27x30
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I want the same shit he^ wants, but in sizes 27 or 28 x 32 or 34.
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Thanaz 8ww (27x32) or even (26x32) or length 30 if available
Thanaz 73J (28x32)
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Zatiny 72l 31x34
Zatiny 8up size 32x34
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Timmen 8YM 31X32
Trouleg 8DK 31X 30 or 32L
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Originally Posted by Gpoop View Post
Safado in 8YM size- 30/30
Can do that. £160 in UK. PM me.
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Now, me. I need Thanaz 71B in W30 or 29, to trade my Diors or my Thanaz 71B in W31. All legs 32 or 34.
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Edited by OliverEggertsen - 10/31/14 at 2:24am
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Thanaz 73j W 32 L 32
Thanaz 8ww W 32 L 32
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Still searching a TIMMEN 71J in 27x32 :'(
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I don't think this will work as a single thread. It will be impossible/very time consuming to remove finished requests or provide updates in any meaningful way since everything will get jumbled. Maybe if everyone posts their request in the wanted section and links from here it could help for getting the word out about new "wants" this sticky could help, but otherwise sifting through this thread will get too time consuming me thinks
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Heeven Dirty Thirty 8UJ 31x34

too hard?
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^ They only came in standard leg lenght, I have a pair for sale in 30x32
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thanks unfortunately don't think they will be ok... measurements?
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Poiak 8ZB 29W

Safado 813 (yes, 813) 29W.

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^ Safadi 8I3 not 1, yes 8I3.

You should have posted earlier about Poiak, we had them in store on sale around here.
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safado 8iw 32/30
safado 8aa 31/30
viker 71b and 73h 32/30
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i want a pair of thanaz 8cms in 27,28, or 29 and a 32 length. seriously search the internet once a day for these haha. it will complete my current collection if you have them but dont wanna sell them or would rather trade for something lmk
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