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Zatiny 8UP

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I saw these at the Rack last month, but didn't pull the trigger. Anyone know if their local rack is carrying them?

Also, what do you guys think of the wash & feel vs 8WM? 8UP is more of a black/grey with distressings, while the 8WM is a clean, lighter grey.
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I wanted to get a pair of Zatiny 8WM until I saw them in person. They looked really nice in pictures with lots of depth like the pic I saw on authentic forum

but I was a bit disappointed when I saw them in the Diesel store. In person they just looked too washed out and plain. Perhaps they look better under light. With that being said, my vote goes to Zatiny 8UP.
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D: that fit is terrible. I really haven't seen a fit that bad in a quite a long time. As for the wash, definitely nothing special. That picture does make the wash way more contrasted than it is

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I have owned both- 8WM is better IMO. More versatile and the fabric feels nicer- reminds me alot of 8HU w/o all the distressing. The marbling in 8UP limits it
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Yeah, I don't know what to think from the pic, but I appreciate you posting it. Is the actual color similar to the pic?

I think that versatile is a good word to use for what I'm looking for. Dress it up or down.

If anyone has another other pics of these 2 washes, please post them!
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Size down!!!!! And i mean DOWN!!!

Hate the wash despise the fit.
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