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Just making sure, zatiny is for pretty average sized people, correct? I'v gained a bit of weight lifting weights and I'm not ridiculously skinny anymore :S Trouleg 8EU is almost uncomfortably tight (26). Zatiny 8FC was pretty loose before I started lifting but now my legs are bit larger and I'm ready to give it another go. Just ordered 88Z and am pretty pumped about it. (I'l post pics when they come)

I tried on safados recently in Orlando and they are pretty tight in the legs as well (in the correct waist size) so I'm hoping zatiny will be looser. Any thoughts or suggestions on cuts I should try?

EDIT: Pics added. These things are TIGHT (especially in the thighs). I'm sure they will stretch out with a few wears tho. Sorry about the shoes :P Just came back from the gym when I checked the mail.

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zatiny= bad
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I have some pretty big legs and I feel more comfortable in zaf and koffha. However, I have a couple of zatiny, and a bunch of zathan. They are tight at first, but after you wet them and wear them....they are perfect! Just don't wash them!
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Lol, crazy tapered leg fans. I know this post will be neg-ed like a motherfucker but I dig that levis dude's fits With big legs (and by "big" I mean normal sized) I really prefer the look of a bootcut over something like viker or levan.
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I sold my zatiny 88Z a couple weeks ago, just didn't got used to the fabric, way to cheap altough the fit was great.
I prefer the feeling of the 8AA.

Plus, i'm going to straight legs now and keeping my best zathans/zatinys to alter them into straight legs like my Zatiny 72L (got 2 pairs), zathan 72D, zatiny 8ST and couple more.

But watch out, don't buy too many jeans if you're bulking up...
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Lol, well said. In a few weeks nothing will fit :P Those zatinys (when I get them) will be the only "premium" denim that fits. Anyways, what do you guys think for dudes with big legs?

Viker and other bigger straight cuts (yarik, leven, ect..) > Zatiny and other wide (er) cuts (zaf, ect..) ?

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I'm loving my Zatinys right now. I used to wear my jeans super tight, but I felt way too restricted and uncomfortable. The fitted, but looser thigh makes all the difference for me.

Personally, I wouldn't go near yarik or levan, but if you like straight, Viker has washes that fit similarly to Zatiny in the thigh. I just can't get past the "clown shoe" look with straight & tapered denim.
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Larkee is pretty relaxed fit for big thighs...
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Bump for pics. Lol just noticed, look at the last pic. Mah cats eyes are looking at your soul...

Anyways, I think zatiny might be a little bit too narrow in the thighs for me D: Do you guys think Viker might be a better choice?

EDIT: If these stretch out enough I might have them straightened into somekind of zat-viker. Opinions?

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Viker and Zatiny are basically the same cut, aside from the lower legs (straight leg vs. micro boot cut). If you're looking for a roomier thigh in a straight leg, Larkee, Quratt/Kuratt, Zaghor, or the new Zhav cut would be your best bet. If you prefer boot cut, Koffha or Zaf (if you don't mind the larger flare) would be the way to go.
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 i recommend u LARKEE as Saddock said and here
Originally Posted by Saddock View Post
But watch out, don't buy too many jeans if you're bulking up...


 but i had sold in 2weeks
  -Zatiny 8VE
  -Reelack 88Z
  -TrueReligion Billy Big T
  -HugoBoss Orange HB31
  -some jeans of the US(AERO,RUEHL)

 and now selling

atm i have DIESEL(viker,safado,one Reyhan) only.

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Zatiny 88Z is a great pair, however, it is tighter than my other zatinys and zathans. the fabric doesn't seem to stretch at all.

as for cuts, i wear zathans, zatinys, vikers, and safados. wear what the occasion calls for.
zathan and zatinys are great when i want to look athletic and vikers and such for dressy.
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