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DIESEL @ Macy's

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what about it?
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i'm just surprise Macy's now carry Diesel brand from bags , jackets , shirts and jeans ...
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Wasn't that posted on here when The agreement first came out? I thought I heard about this on HF a long time ago.
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are they in the store already?
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yup saw it yesterday
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I haven't seen any but shoes and watches, and there is none online.
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Marshall Fields used to have Diesel before Macys bought em :/
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Macy's at Victoria Gardens come check it out ...
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and what kind of jeans do they sell there?
i have to go check out macys now.
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none in SF
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None in Portland.

Are you worried they'll lose their perceived value because it's a mid-major department store and not a Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus?
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well, in Italy they sell Diesel even in little shops and not-so-fashioned department stores, so I'm not surprised

I think we all should keep in mind that Diesel is NOT high end...
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Considering a majority of the members here hardly ever pay retail for anything, I don't see this being anything special.

The only plus side to this is that Macy's always has huge holidays sales so there is a good chance that Diesel would be included in the sales as well. But I doubt they are going to get any GOOD washes or cuts. lol, they will probably get Zaf 796, Zahgors, or some other lame cut/wash that nobody even wears.
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^I think we all should keep in mind that Diesel is NOT high end...

generally speaking NOT high end... but DEFINITEVELY high end for me and most of us
just kidding evil, got your point

i think it's a matter of product quality, not distribution. sometimes distribution in department stores has nice effects: during last winter sales in Genoa Krooley 8YM were 30% off at Bagnara's while still full priced at diesel store
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hehe I remember Bagnara
the Sestri P one?
I used to be spend a lot of time in Genoa once upon a time
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They sell Diesel in other department stores and small shops here in NYC too...
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this is great news I can actually try the jeans on before buying
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I can't get over how much you look like my friend Jerome. This the only picture I have.

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lol, true dat
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they sell diesel jeans like zatiny , viker , safado, zhav ...
better for me coz macy's is closer ...
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which macy's did you find them?
i went to 3 of the macy's around my area and none of them carries DIESEL.
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Originally Posted by momonami5 View Post
this is great news I can actually try the jeans on before buying
Yea hopefully mine has to. Imo DIESEL its mid-end and there would be many little people who would actually afford to buy a pair of diesel jeans at retail anyways.
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Macy's @ victoria gardens , Rancho Rucamonga , CA
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Not shocked as stated above we knew this was Diesel's business strategy going forward. Everyone has gotta make a buck plus Macy's owns Bloomy's and they carry a large selection of Diesel merch. I'm right there with cez I doubt they will carry anything of quality.
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