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heeven 71j worn pics. keep or return?

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just got these heeven 71j and tried them on. i'm satisfied with the waist size but not sure about the carrot cut so any comment would help me decide whether or not to keep these. thanks

DSCF4834.JPG - Uploaded through Badongo - BADONGO
DSCF4835.JPG - Uploaded through Badongo - BADONGO
DSCF4839.JPG - Uploaded through Badongo - BADONGO
DSCF4837.JPG - Uploaded through Badongo - BADONGO
DSCF4841.JPG - Uploaded through Badongo - BADONGO

p.s. if you can't see the pics, just right-click on them to see them in a new window.
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They looks great from front even from side view, but I'm not sure if they are baggy on the back or they are supposed to be like this. If you have still some space in waist, I would change for smaller size (count also with 71J stretchiness).
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i used to have a pair of slammer 71j in 29x32 and they ended up being too baggy so they sold them eventually. i have been looking for the 71j wash in 28 waist for a long time and i ended up getting these. the waist now is still very tight and i think after stretch they will be perfect. I think the back crotch area is meant to be like that for the heeven cut.
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^agree with zdenal, I think you could size down one to prevent post-stretch baggyness
the ass area doesn't look good
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i don't have the confidence to fit into a 27 for these tho since i can barely button these up and i am the kind of person who wears jeans very fit. probably it's just the way heeven fits my body and I don't have the ass to wear them. also, I think i will keep them anyway since i like the 71j wash so much. also, i would like to hear more comment about it. thanks
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I agree w/ the OP. They seem fitted in some areas, but loose in others. The fit isn't horrible, but if you are used to wearing more fitted denim I think you could find a much better cut.

As far as the wash. I think you could also do better. I am not of fan of lighter washes or distressed denim.
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They look awful - Sell them to me.
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^i will take that partially as a compliment lol
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Grondie, why you wears Heeven but no Thanaz?
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