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to sell or not to sell?

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Thinking about getting rid of my zaghor cut Diesels. Should I ebay them?
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yes, asap, before any further interest is lost.
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haha also selling my Gucci duffel bag that I never use. Hopefully getting enought for that to buy safado in 8YM!
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DK is not joking.
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I know he's not! lol
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Are they sold yet? They should be. Sand_Dolphin might be interested
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I'm thinking of selling my shazor 71b but I love the wash & pockets but just not the flare so trying to decide wether sell or tailor them to get the flare out.
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sellz themz and cop thanaz 71b insteadz
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I have slammer 71b already. Would it b possible to tailor the flare out of the shazors with their twisted seem down the leg?
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It sure won't make it easy.
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If you are not using it, sell it.. it will just rot in your storage room otherwise.
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How much do u think Shazor 71b 28x30 is worth in perfect condition?
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You should post on the estimated value thread.
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2 yrs later,but , what size? Looking for a 31x34 shazor or something close to that.

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31X32 and a 32X32

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What wash is the shazor 31x32? How much?

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