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euro22, added stretch to 73J. When members have different opinion I'll just use one of the two observations. In the end the person buying has to deal with it.
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**double post**
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really? i've been wearing them for few month now, but I dont feel the stretching too much.

Evil Sushi,
I'm usually 29, but i bought 28 and they fit me like a legging...

thanks for the 8TS info!
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^ yes, I would size down in 8KW.
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Originally Posted by zdenal_cz View Post
^ yes, I would size down in 8KW.
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Zatiny 8B4 & Zatiny 8E7 fit please

Hello all fellow diesel lovers
Has anyone had a chance to try any of the two?
I would like to purchase both online and want to make sure they will fit me good.
I usually wear size 31 in Zatiny though my 73I is a tad on the big side and my 8XR is very tight in the thighs.
any input on both or any of the washes in the title would be very helpful
I know the both have a slightly smaller bootcut that is ok. my main concerns are the waist and mostly the thigh area which I don't like to have to tight.

Thank you very much. have a great weekend
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Zatiny 8E7 looks hot and I'm getting a pair too! I'd like to know the fit for these as well :P
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Does anyone know how the safado 8e7s fit?
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OK so I got the 8B4
They are pretty much TTS maybe run just slightly loser around the thighs.
Doesn't seem to have a lot of stretch to give..
I'll post photos later.

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^Great. Now all you need is a pair of Zatiny 8E7 so you can tell us about the fit :P
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WOW very nice!
I would since they are on the way..
YOU ARE A PIECE OF *** MrAnon...!
This is a place to help people out. share info.
If you cant help anyone out than just shut yourself up!
I hate these buggers who are envious and cant go round to understanding the fundamentals of discussion boards.
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If u like your jeans fit you SOULD size down on these..

I will update on the 8E7's despite the F***** two posts above.

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^Take it easy man, I was only kidding with you.
Anyways, I found the measurements for both Zatiny 8B4 and Zatiny 8E7 from a Korean site.

Just click on the picture on the left with the chart on it and it'll give you the measurements. Although I can't read Korean, I can tell that the first measurement is the waist and the second one is the waist without the dip.

Zatiny 8B4
ÀÚƼ´Ï 8B4 (À¯·´ÆÇ) µðÁ© DIESEL ZATINY Diesel

Zatiny 8E7
ÀÚƼ´Ï 8E7 (À¯·´ÆÇ) µðÁ© DIESEL ZATINY Diesel

From what I've seen so far, Zatiny 8B4 in W31, has a waist of 41.5 cm while Zatiny 8E7 in the same size has a waist of 42 cm.

So I'd probably size down on these and let it stretch out to perfection.
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lol, don't get your panties all in a bunch.
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^Cez I have to get Zatiny 8E7 NAO because it is an irresistibly sexy wash for spring/summer! Oh and if you ever visit the Diesel store in Manhatten, can you check for me to see if they have Zatiny 8E7 in 26x30?! My friend's going there next week and he's gonna pick up a pair for me
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Does anyone know if Zatiny 8E7 will come to the UK? We have Safado 8E7 at the moment so I'm hoping so.
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Ok Mr. Anon' THANK YOU! all good
though it is too late since they are allready on the way..
I will update though..
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New wash of Zatiny 8SV is really sweet - they wash great too. I'm on second pair.
This site will ship to the UK (I think)

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How is Zatiny 8sv and that link relevant to the topic of this thread?
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The Official "What size should I get" Super-thread Ask all fit and sizing questions h

There are way too many loose threads regarding this topic, so rather than having a billion individual threads about "what size" one should get in a particular cut or wash I thought one gigantic thread would do.

So post away.

Not happy with the title so i'll prolly change the title. Any good suggestion?

I was thinking of

"the size up or down super-thread"
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Thanaz 8LP - Sizing?

Im not sure, anybody knows if Thanaz 8LP stretches out and if they are very tight?

I'm wearing a 30x32 in Thanaz 8SV and a
31x32 in Thanaz 8IE.

What do you think, which size do i need in Thanaz 8LP (dont like it too tight) ?

Thanks in advance
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I think the title is straight.
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^maybe too long, but it explain what this thread is meant for
btw, nice idea Cez
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