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I would size down.
My pair stretched but they are still wearable. It's stretch, very thin, summer, light denim (color is comparable with 71J in the distressed but not ripped parts - maybe ).
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I agree with "8KW TTS..........SIZE DOWN IF POSSIBLE". They are going true to size, but they will stretch with time. My size in 8kw is 31/34, I wear them hard, so now sometime they can look very sagged, but as zdenal_cz mentioned, still wearable. Love them)
So If I were you, I would prefer to size down if possible
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Just wondering, the thanaz 8lp wash, how much does it stretch out?My waist is about 32.5 but I fit into size 31s. If I bought size 31 in this wash, would it be too uncomfortable? Thanks in advance
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Does anyone know how Viker-R-Box 8A0 fits? They only have a 28x30 online and not a 27x30 so they're only good to me if they're true to size or smaller than.
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hey when i was searching around i found some people measured a tagged inseam size 32 to either be any where from 31.5 inches to 33 inches on the thanaz 8iw wash.

Does this wash vary in inseam size or are people just measuring weird? Is it like this on all thanaz washes?
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What size would u guys recommend I get in safado 8e7 if I wear safado 8ih in 27x30 safado 8ym in 28x30?
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What size would u guys recommend I get in safado 8e7 if I wear safado 8ih in 27x30 safado 8ym in 28x30?
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just got my 89W a size down. Waist will be stretched out soon but add a "same freaky tight legs as 8FC" info on the next edit of the first page.
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^ 89W these days? could you tell me how did cop them?
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^ I would say only ebay...
I watched BNWT 89W in my size on ebay.de around one month ago. But few minutes before action end I found the bank transfer as only payment option (bad luck I didn't ask about paypal before). They went pretty cheap, around 60 euro.
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^mhm I'm also active on ebay but I haven't seen any of 89W for a long time. Let alone one in my size (29-30).
@ Tricky again
Could you please compare 8FC tighntnes to some other washes in thanaz (e.g. 71B, 8IW, 71J,etc.). I'm asking as I can get them in W30(same as mine 73H, 71B, 8IW, 8JF) but as long as it's a stretchy wash I'm afraid it might stretch too much.
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89W is quite as rare as 88D for example. most wouldn't like the ass dragons. 89W is by far the most flashy ass dragon pair imo.

I had 8FC once in W32 (my normal Thanaz size) and they were tight as fuck. You can look for an old thread of me:



finally I got them in W33 and that's ok for me. stretch factor makes them stay in the original size. 71B as a comparison is also tight, but more rigid. I could live with my W32 in 8FC, but in 71B I could barely walk in W32. Got them in W33 too.
89W is 100% cotton. Look for the stretch your 100% cotton pairs have "done" (become?) during wear. 89W is the thinnest pair of Diesel I own. They feel like almost nothing. perfect summer pair. quite similar to 8FC, but 8FC is "thicker". both made in northern Africa (89W in Tunisia, 8FC in Morocco).

In comparison to 8IW, 8IW is much looser in the thigh, but at least for me very tight in the waist. In 71J I can wear a W32, tight but ok.

So all in all I guess you can take 8FC in W30 or W31. They don't give that much.


are you interested in a pair of 89W in W32? obviously stretched out. shot me a PM if you are.
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^ Thanks a lot! That was really helpful & now I'm sure I want them. Will see if seller accept my offer
When it comes to rarity of 89W you don't need to tell me... so many sleepless nights hehe
Thanks once again and enjoy your amazing new jeans.
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for ass dragon haters, there's the option to buy a Timmen 89W and let them beeing tapered. Timmen 89W is very subtle, but have the same cloth and the same lightweight denim feeling.

but also hard to find, I guess

wearing mine today
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I have nothing against ass dragons. As long as I don't need to look at least a bit elegant I wear all mine ass creatures with pride. Probably the only ones unacceptable would be orange ones on 8GZ but on the other hand this amazing japanese wash..
And Timmen is antifit for me. Tride it in few washes but none fit me correctly.
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Any info about 8YH (blue one)?
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^ mine are in the mail, can tell in a few days...
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so since I can't find a 27, would getting thanaz 8aa in my regular size be a mistake.
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^ big mistake, they are huge (not only waist) even new and they will stretch after some wears. If you want try to go with your regular size be sure you can return them (and I think you will).
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so I'm guessing it would be the same for those adi-thanaz as well?
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I have a Thanaz 8AA in my normal Diesel size (W32). They stretch out, but I think it's ok. After the first wash they shrink to their normal size, then you can start stretching again. If I had to choose between W31 and W32 today, I think I would take the W31 but I wear my W32 pair without fitting problems.
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just got my red Thanaz 8YH. freaking sick pair, I loooove the colour. unfortunately they're W32 pants and the lenght is hard to stack for me. But I guess I'll keep them anyway. Cloth is really stretchy: 71% Cotton, 29 % Elastomultiestere (no fun!) . very soft denim, I would advise to size down in the waist!
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^ thanks for the info
I wanted to hear they run insanely tight as I can get them cheap in size 30 which is size up for me. However I'm pretty sure blue have different fabric content. Not sure tho

edit: just received 8YH BLUE and can confirm all Tricky said. Do size down, waist is huge, also legs are more like safado than thanaz. Definitely not for me in my regular size. But fabric treatment and color are great.
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i want to know how i will fit in Nudie's Thin Finn jeans.
I have a W32 L32 Thanaz 8LP wash and it fits quite well but i can fit a W31 L32 perfectly. How will i fit into Nudies sizing for the above mentioned jeans? Thanks in advance
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thanaz 8lp should be worn alittle more loose than other thanaz imo. 8lp has a dress look to them and if they were very tight it would look sort of feminine
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