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Safado 8i3 discusting Diesel Jeans ever! - Page 2

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i loved poiak 8d5 but it kinda overlaps with my poiak 8sv
but ill definetely get them if i get a chance
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yeah I think 8d5 looks good but Im worried that they will be too extreme and plus I have viker 8sv already.
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i thought it was very extreme when i first saw it from the pictures
but when i actually see it at the diesel store, it wasnt that bad
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Pocket stitching is horrible. I think the 8TS, 8ZB and the 8B1 are worse.

I would wear them if they were in a Thanaz cut, though.
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You just got some crappy shot
It hink the 813 looks hot from this site..

Diesel | Diesel Blue Icon Safado 813 Straight Jeans at ASOS
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The idea might be good, they applied it horribly though.
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Originally Posted by Zodiac View Post
Its for Asian market, they love that stuff.
Its true... fobs love those super crazy fades in weird places and etc. Way over kill in my opinion.

I hope those ginormous holes are reinforced because all of this is just giving me the impression of an asian inspired abercrombie.
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^no, thanks!
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i'm a great fan of safado, really love them... but these are not my cup of tea :-/
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For anyone still curious about these, I got them in the Larkee which seems to fit slimmer than the average Larkee in this particular wash.  I know I'm going to get ripped on for having spent good $ on these, but I don't care; I love them. I just kind of randomly threw on a shirt in this photo, but I think they look great with a solid white or blue oxford.


5249656680_cc7fce615d.jpg 5249656310_b2f936c00d.jpg


Yeah, they're kind of fobby and yeah the blue paint is kind of over the top, but I actually like it and it's really only noticeable in one place in real life.  I think the most similar wash is the 8SV (which I have in Thanaz); it's really just kind of a slightly dirtier looking version of that.  As for the destruction mentioned, it doesn't seem to be in any danger of blowing out and no, it's not reinforced.  The Larkees are more rare In the US I think (I got them from Dieselofmiami on eBay, the only place I've seen in the US that had them... they should still have a few more if anyone else actually likes them), but they have better looking pockets (sorry, I don't have a closeup).  Personally, I love them and they're one of my favorites.

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