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Safado 8i3 discusting Diesel Jeans ever!

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Now yesterday I was in Cologne and could not believe what my eyes saw.
New Safado 8i3 for 260€!!
And it is the worst wash I have ever seen from Diesel.
Here are yome pics.

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Those are ugly man
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the blue paint lines ruin an otherwise decent pair of jeans
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Agree. Its a little bit too much for one pair of jeans.
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You really have to see them in real.
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Only Diesel could push the Eurotrash envelope to the next level... with that blue stripe. It's so ugly and doggone stupid it boggles the mind.

Gotta admit - I think the wash is kinda cool otherwise.
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^ same here
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They'd look okay without the paint.. and maybe toned down a little. As they are, they're way too random.
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Saw them in P&C and Diesel Store Cologne too. I visited both because I couldn´t believe that all pairs are ruined that much.
The blue painting especially the blue stripe looks like fabric seconds.
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i agree with most of you, blue stripe and dots ruin a pair which already is an extreme one
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Those would be bad ass w/o the stripes and holes. Perhaps a little paint splatter would look cool if there wasn't so much distressing.

I do believe this is some kind of ultimate low for diesel tho :P
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I'm gonna wait until they go on clearance on Yoox or somewhere else, then grab a pair and take my chances w/ sandpaper on removing the blue paint stripes- a subtly abraded stripe would look far better
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Its for Asian market, they love that stuff.
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I kinda like it........
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cool jeans without the blue stripe
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First one to cop - wins.
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besides the ink these are nice.
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those are quite disgusting...

8TS still wins, tho
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I like the wash, although the blue paint stripe is really stupid. Don't really mind the dots actually. However this wash is pretty extreme but It'd go with a nice white shirt
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@ Luchino
Are you crazy?
This Jeans will never ho witz a white t-shirt!
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I mean those kind of shirts,

at least, when I read 'shirt' on webshops, they always to those 'things' I just posted a picture of above.
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I would cop them if there will be no blue paint stripes (it doesn't looks naturally)... They are sick for summer bbq, party etc. Yes, I'm sick, I know.
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I've seen worse washes.

I'm glad I live in the US.
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What do u guys think of Poiak 8d5?
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