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cannot find style online

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I'm a tall (6'5") slim male who has a problem finding jeans in my size. usually i can't buy clothes off the rack, i always need a tall sizing, or a longer inseam (usually 36) i got sick of buying american eagle jeans online just because they fit so i went to a store that is fairly popular in my area, and was able to find a few different styles of sevens that actually fit perfectly. i ended up getting a Flynt jean that they said was new, but i cant' find it anywhere online. i'm trying to match what i bought so i know what to look for when i go shopping but i dont' know why i can't find it

the style number is AT524Y519 the color on the pricetag says BARS this isn't matching up with anythign i'm seeing on the SFAM website or any other online site.. can anyone help?


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why dont you post pics?
this would help to find out what you bought
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Where'd you get them? They might be straight-to-discount...for some reason a lot of those have long inseams.
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