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Thanaz 73j repair

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I just found out the my beloved Thanaz 73j is missing the black thing under a hole. The hole is pretty big and it keeps getting worse and worse. And i don't like it when you can see through the white stuff and into the leg.

Does any of you guys have any ideas of an alternative to the black paper kind of thing?
It kinda feels like sand paper, but is not as scratchy.
So what should i do about it?
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if you do a search, you'll find some threads about that
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I did, but i can't find anything about that.
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Find a place that sells iron on nylon fabric patches.
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any fabric store will have thin iron on fabric patching material and should have it in black or dark blue. Don't use a denim iron on patch though as they are usually too thick and will just start wearing around the edges of the patch eventually- I ruined a couple nice pairs of jeans learning that
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I've found a place that sells it.

So should it be nylon or denim. What is it on Thanaz 73j?
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Okay thanks, i just ordered some patches;D
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Nylon patches + Heat & Bond =
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heat and bond?
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i would be a benefit if u could post the link of this site which sells the nylon patches
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the nylon patches are most likely iron on- heat&bond shouldnt be necessary
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I live in Denmark and its a danish website, but here it is anyway

Strygemærker og lapper | FJØLNER
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It says that it's self sticking.

So should i use heat and how do i do that?
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Even if it is self-sticking, I'd say use an iron anyways- it should help it set in more
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