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boiling denim.

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im tryin to shrink a medium phoenix wash(relatively light colored) denim in boiling water.

the denim is new n i washed it only once.

ill b usin vinegar n salt with the hot water to minimize bleeding of dye.
the jeans will b inside out, zipped n buttoned.

1. will it still b a big damage to the denim to do this??(id like to take good care so that i can wear this for a long time)

2. how long shud i leave it in for n wat shud i do afterwards??(ive got a dryer i can use but it doesnt seem to go very high in temp. but i can go for the hightest temp it has.)

3. does some TRs dont shrink in length at all??

thank you.
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I've never done it, but why not just size down?
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i cant

ive already bought it, washed it, cant get a refund. besides, TR dont make it no more so i didnt have much option.
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there's no chance this will work if they aren't 100% cotton. jeans are often made of preshrunk cotton though so you may not succeed at all..
are they too long? why not get them hemmed?
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i dont need hemming...it doesnt touch the ground(id say bout a third to half inch above) when i wear my xc-favo(puma black station's sneakers) but just because it would look better from the front with less stacking...(i personally dont like stacking very much....)also itd b better when i wear them inside without shoes. the denim is 100% cotton but i think it doesnt shrink anyway if i did the boiling n drying correctly...thou, thanx for ur help.
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