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question about Thanaz 72L

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hi, i will buy a pair of thanaz 72L and i i wanna know how they run i will buy one size bigger that my normal size what do you think
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I'd stick with your normal Thanaz sizing, but a word of caution: they don't stretch much
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I think one size bigger with 72L is ok. I'm curious if I can button my 72L down next time I'll be wearing them. Definetly my pair with the lowest stretch potential.
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I have 72L in Zatiny and I wouldn't size up for this wash... Maybe really maybe size down.
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stick with your usual thanaz size to be safe (maybe if you want a tight look size down 1, they run A TAD big, pretty much TTS anyway)
and true, consider they don't stretch that much as well because of the poly/cotton blend
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thanks help me a lot
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