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you guys all say the same thing , you hate on the jeans just like ppl hated on thanaz 73j and then it blew up. zac efron is not that reason. 8c9 is gonna be a must have for most thanaz lovers. i can deal with a few scratch and claw marks. its got the classic back pockets that are always a crowd pleaser (amongst all the gawdy back pockets ), and the old school logo patch. the whiskering is very subtle and blended in very well. these are gonna be epic. i just need to find out how they run so i can order these asap.
Some of us were never a fan of either so cut the malarky and just buy these already and post worn pic's so we can make fun of.... opps I mean plus your fits.
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8c9 sucks. big time. ok?
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It's not epic, it's just dope. Seems like the acid wash thing is getting a lot of attention this season.

I do remember these washes you speak of being popular before we saw any celeb wearing them. I like this forum because the general taste for good things is on point and am confident that no one here, for the most part, is a "hypebeast".
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Got them today. These are pretty cool. The Diesel store pics are a little more faded than mine which have little to no distressing on the knees.

100% (my pref) so they are pretty unforgiving on my first wear.

You'd be crazy not to pic these up at this price IMO.

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