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pics of thanaz 8c9

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hey guys

im looking for pics of the thanaz in 8c9....
i searched the forum for pics but people only said that they will post pics......
so is anyone able and also smart to finish this job and solve the mystery of thanaz 8c9

however greets from vienna
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How many times, they're not released yet.
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You're wrong Zodiac.
They are released for more than a week.
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in ure face zodiac ;D
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awesome thread
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fucking prOof me wrong already

Originally Posted by FcBarcelona View Post
You're wrong Zodiac.
They are released for more than a week.
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I've got some
I'm going to upload them later
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I don't know how to upload them :S
Can anybody please help me?
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^^ you better pal, i wanna see them
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Lol, no thats not right. Goto TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting and upload them there, then post the links to the images here

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but...but...they're not released yet!
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yea those look really nice...

too bad the pictures are gigantic and i cant see the whole front of the legs...
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thanks for the pictures though FC i appreciate it!
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Looks good, save the clawmarks. In all these years of making worn jeans you'd think there'd be a better technique for making fast rips.
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i cant see all of the pics , fix it
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you guys all say the same thing , you hate on the jeans just like ppl hated on thanaz 73j and then it blew up. zac efron is not that reason. 8c9 is gonna be a must have for most thanaz lovers. i can deal with a few scratch and claw marks. its got the classic back pockets that are always a crowd pleaser (amongst all the gawdy back pockets ), and the old school logo patch. the whiskering is very subtle and blended in very well. these are gonna be epic. i just need to find out how they run so i can order these asap.
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^^You can´t seriously compare them to 73J.
But I have to admit I haven´t seen them in person until now.
Definitely like the subtle backpockets, too.
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^ word, I saw Larkee in 8C9, very acid blue wash. Great for summer plus 8B5 is very good too.
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these kind of remind me of 8kw on the color chart from the pics, but I dont know what they look like in real life.
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I hope we get decent pics of the new washes soon.
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hey does anybody know what the thanaz 8b5 look like and when they will be coming out?
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