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Darron vs Krooley

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Im thinking of getting either of these in the 88z wash and i wanted to know which cut you guys think is the best for this wash? Also what is the main difference between these cuts and which one has the most room in the thighs?
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krooley is basically more like a carrot cut so it has more room in thighs where as darron is slimmer though out the whole leg. speaking about the wash, i m not sure tho but i think since they both have a plan dark blue wash, what really matters is the cut not the wash on each cut.
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Any other thoughts on these two cuts? i am after the one with a slightly more relaxed feeling in the thighs if that helps
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did you read Danniey's post?? he spelled it out for you; I don't know how much more simple he can make it other than- Krooley Thigh > Darron Thigh
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I want to like Krooley, but it's impossible to get around those juvenile, raggity-ann pockets. It's a total dipshit PRPS'y kind of vibe... Like "this shit is so real, we made them wrong."
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^^ Word. The fit is pretty unique (in a good way) but the pockets ruin them

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I kinda like the Krooley's backpockets... especially in 8YM wash.
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