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Red Bull

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Just curious, what you people, especially in the US and Canada think of the company and the drinks they produce. As I'm from Austria and Austria's the country where Red Bull originally comes from, I'm quite amazed about the worldwide success of the drink and the brand. I'm not a fan of all the energy drinks, but the relatively new Cola from Red Bull is really tasty.
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it's junk food, albeit tasty.
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The smell alone is enough to make me gag. too many Redbull & Vodkas.
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I hate the smell too. Can't stand it when they drink it in the subway near me.

but the Cola, how about that?
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I sometimes drink redbull during exams period ^^, as I do everything at the last moment, so I have to cut on my nights xD
But I agree, tastes/smell is awful.
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vodka + red bull = so gay
hahaha (even though, I used to drink it some time ago, not atm)

I kinda like red bull cola tho
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^ it's funny. Here in Austria everybody think that Red Bull Cola = Red Bull + Cola and not a simple Cola.

I wonder why surprisingly nobody like the taste of Red Bull, but everybody uses it... . Just the effect of staying awake?
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Its originally from Thailand not Austria.

The Thai version is like syrup and is rocket fuel compared the Euro version. The construction workers use it there to do 18 hour shifts. Its a great night out if you mix it with the local rum.
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I used to drink redbull like a soda. Now I drink every once in a while. I actually like the taste/smell as I kinda grew up drinkin that junk. I don't drink em to get extra energy as I have plenty already... I just drink em for it's taste... I know. I'm nasty.

BTW, I recommend 5 hour energy shots for an actual energy... FYI
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if you need energy try a caffeine pill. way cheaper. those drinks are just dissolved caffeine pills neways.
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^^ 5 hour energy drinks don't have very much caffeine at all -.- Its all vitamin b12 and b6. I don't remember exactly how much but I believe its something like 8000% your daily value of b12 :O I never really felt it when I tried. But then again, I was already drunk :P

Anyways, I don't think the flavor of redbull is too bad. I kinda like redbull + vodka
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