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Looser Raws

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After joining the football team @ my school, I realized that all of my denim is getting way tighter and its merely the second month of training. I know apc's new standard and dior's 21cm are nice fits for the beefier dude. Could anyone specifically recommend me some nice raws that fit on the looser side? (straight leg of course :P )

I thinking about some Black APC Ns in 26 (-2 from true size and same sz as tight diesel). Someone sway me

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ot, but what position?
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Umm, I'm pretty small but I'l be def. corner or some wide receiver Kinda scared tbh :P

Anywho, lets get back on topic haha

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Thats awesome. I was a pretty large teen and played tackle and guard during my freshman and sophomore years. I wish I was slim/fast enough to have played WR or RB.

Good luck.

back ot.
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APC New Standard sized down 1-2 (1 for a looser fit, 2 for a modern straight fit)
APC Rescues sized down 2-3 (2 for a straight fit, 3 for a slimmer fit)
Also, Flathead F380 (discontinued), Imperial King, Ironheart 634S, Sugarcane 47s, etc. are all pretty full cuts that are pretty flattering on most.
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