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Real RnR floyd?

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The R's in the back look nice, but I've never seen tags like that. That's what would make me suspicious of it. I'd say it's either a sample sale pair or a really good copy. Can you ask for measurements?
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Those are real Floyd Devolution. They're samples but they were also retail produced.

I should also mention that the wash doesn't look like it matches the retail wash. The whiskering and especially the creasing look different, but that happens pretty often with samples
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I got this from ebay seller treasurehoard

So this is Devolution, not Badlands as mentioned in the auction desc and tag hanging on the belt loop?

It does say DUPLICATE SPRING '09 on the inside tag
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Firstly, everything Treasurehoard sells is real. Secondly, if he said they're Badlands then they're Badlands. I get the two mixed up all the time
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Ah. Treasurehoard is legit - don't worry about getting fakes. He don't do that.
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yeah... Mike is a great seller.
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