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skinny jeans for men

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As much as I see them around, I'm still not getting it. How did they catch on to begin? Who started it in the first place?? Aren't there comfort issues in both the crotch and ankles???

For ladies, I can kinda understand the skinny jean look - when done well, it definitely is sexy (and there are a bunch of great skinny R's on some of you gals here). But for guys...why?

So many questions....
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It sort of depends on what type of skinny jean you are referring to. There's the R&R skinny and then there's the skin tight squeeze yourself into them skinny (which they may have tried to accomplish with the Slim Fuck wash, not so much with Colburg).

I have some Colburgs and personally don't have any comfort issues. I think there is much more of a comfort issue when males wear cuts designed for women. At least mens cuts, no matter how skinny, usually take anatomy into consideration.
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A lot of guys will wear women's jeans, which is just a fucking no-no.
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they caught on because a high school musical star started wearing them
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Originally Posted by jeffabc18 View Post
they caught on because a high school musical star started wearing them
That may have led to them catching on with kids, but skinny jeans are not a direct result of high school musical or any of the actors.
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