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Making a comeback...

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Well! Didn't expect my hiatus from HF to turn into a massive sabbatical. But, looks like I'll be popping in more often nowadays =)

And it looks like things changed considerably around here - it's like every post for the past 4-5 pages have been an authenticity check. What's up - nobody loves each other to post random love threads anymore???

It's okay, things have changed here & there for me too. For one, I've acquired some new R's in the past few DAYS. Something must've happened...denim acquisition syndrome? Ah well...comes with the seasons, I guess. But the big big change is that I got engaged over the Christmas holiday! Wedding to come in 8 months, pictures & updates to come for sure

Ahhh. Feels good to be back on HF.

(new acquisitions to be posted when snail mail delivers. lols.)
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Congrats on the engagement!! How long have you guys been together?
Can't wait to see pictures!
The only thing that has changed here is that NO ONE is here. It's completely dead. haha
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Well I"M HERE!!!!!

Not often, but I'm here.

I had the opposite of engagement.... Megan and I broke up : ( NOT a good situation on my end, but life goes on.

I've been staying busy with work and church. Glad to have you back on here and congrats on the Engagement!
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Yea, I check the forum every day but no one really posts anymore.

Oh well I suppose.
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i see too many people wearing rocks these days, and wearing them really wrong, they have just become less appealing to me now. It seems like, not saying anyone here, but like people with money to spend just buy rocks from the store and mash them with any outfit.
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Maureen, we've been together for almost 4 years, known each other for 6. We're trying to see if our friend is available to do our engagement photos, but they probably won't come up for awhile - not with this stormy weather in southern Cali though (but I DO love wet weather!).

Brain & Jean, good to see you two alive 'n kicking around here! Antolette doesn't pop in no more? We need another sample sale for another get-together.

Jeff, I tend to notice more people wearing rocks too, but they're usually of the bargain-bin variety: nondescript and sometimes ugly. Still, that gives you all the more opportunity to show everyone how they really can be worn with a sense of fashion =)
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Here in Wisconsin seeing people in R&R is still very rare. There was one girl who I saw rather often about a year ago and it seemed like she had a different pair on every time I saw her but beyond that they're still rare here. I suppose that is primarily a result of the fact that you pretty much can't buy them in this state. I don't know about the rest of Wisconsin but I haven't seen a pair of mens R&R for sale in Southeastern Wisconsin in over 3 years.
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Aw that's so sweet! I can't wait to see pictures of the engagement!

I've been seeing more and more R&R here lately. Much of it is the STD crap. I've seen it being worn sagged by this one kid on campus but I'm not even sure his are real, I haven't gotten a good look. I still wear mine proudly!

Oh no Jason!! I'm sorry about that! I hope everything works out for you! <3

I made the transition to AF a year ago now. Antolette pops up on there every now and then. I just posted booty pics tonight. I suppose I can post them here as well. haha!
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haha my first time logging in for a LONG LONG time! So u are not the only one who has not been on here in like forever!
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haha yeap. seriously, it looks like things went ghost-town past summer last year. can't even find antolette on AF! =(
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