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Authenticity Check

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There's a store that opened up in my area about 6 months ago called Plato's Closet that's basically a consignment store. They were having a sale, and I picked up some designer jeans, but I'm not sure if they're real or not. These are the True Religion Jeans I purchased, and I would appreciate any help in determining their authenticity.

The inside tag label is sewn to the jeans and not in the seam, which seems weird to me...The RN is 112790 and the CA is 30427. The tag which has the style and cut is VERY difficult to read. It looks like it says the style is something like T. 0 50266 E or F O with 50286??? The cut is 600752. What makes me think they're fake, is that the back says SARAH BIC T...The hardware all reads TRBJ with the "U" logo, and the hardware inside all has the "U" on it. There's no print on the lining of the pockets. There's also a guitar design beneath the right pocket (printed, not embroidered).

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They look fake to me
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those are fake
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That's what I figured. Good thing they were only $7. Thanks guys!
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$7 ?!

Good lord. lol

Well, I guess even fakes for $7 is a good deal hahaha
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