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Authenticity Check

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There's a store that opened up in my area about 6 months ago called Plato's Closet that's basically a consignment store. They were having a sale, and I picked up some designer jeans, but I'm not sure if they're real or not. These are the Rock and Republics I purchased, and I would appreciate any help in determining their authenticity. The pictures are all in link form beneath the descriptions, and unfortunately, most of the close-up ones are blurry...(My camera isn't that great...)

The first pair is NWT's. The store tag says Fleur Vicodin Roth. The inside tag says that the style is something like ROTH trthvi, yi, v1 or y1 (I can't tell). And the cut is 00379. The RN is 110113 and the CA is 41367. The back crystals are aurora borealis on top of blue and white-ish/gray-ish stitching. The hardware all reads Rock & Republic except for the button, which has Rock & Republic on the outside, and the right and left "R's" in the center. The inside hardware is just spirals.



The second is what appear to be Victoria Beckham's (though these seem fake to me). The style code is LACWN-90 and the style is LACWN-06FA. The color code is 90. The B/N is 110113 and the CA is 19371. The cut is 000918. The hardware all reads Rock & Republic and is a copper color.
The button has Rock & Republic on the outside, and the right and left "R's" in the center. The inside hardware is just spirals.


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they are both fake. sorry.

Plato's Closet can be a GREAT place to find super cheap designer denim... but it's like that because the people working there don't have the first clue about how to spot fakes.

I've personally purchased over 10 pairs at Plato's, but in that time I've seen HUNDREDS of fakes.
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mmm... I'm not so sure the 2nd pair is fake...
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@JEANius-definitely not. They know purses quite well, but as for Jeans- not so much. I came across a fake pair of Joe's Jeans, laughably fake Joe's Jeans, and yet they're still expensive. Though for whatever reason, they don't price Joe's any higher then about $25 at my Plato's, which is just fine by me.

What makes me think they're fake is the stitching on the crown-it seems sloppy. But it could just be the thread. I couldn't really tell with either pair, which is why this forum is awesome!
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I'm pretty sure the second pair is fake
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