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sorry anthony

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i was mistaken

you can actually see ross here


who still doesn't know how to take a picture

oh member of jcrew...cool

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nice jacket ross
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FYI, link doesn't work (anymore?)
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can anyone confirm/deny?

I just took a screenshot..maybe i'm special to be able to view the glorious charlatan we know as this bendik character
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can you see this?

then you must know that i'm not making this up
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anyway I was saving this gem... but here it is

we all remember this pic right?

turns out it's not actually ross' wife, it's NIKITA SHAH

who used to work with ross at accenture or w/e

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look familiar?

well she's MARRIED but not to this ross bendik character... to a sanjay shah.. wonder what he thinks about some bendik character using his wife as his pretend wife.

it would also explain why this bendik char is so poorly maintained, eg poor dress sense, onset of unemployed jskidder beard, etc.
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before riotpoof comes up in here and tries to pull a strawman lets look at the following

-ross' "wife" and mrs. shah have identical skin color
-ross' "wife" and mrs. shah both have the same smile crest (i matched it pixel for pixel)
-ross' "wife" and mrs. shah both have identical cleavage/shoulder ratio (although the latter picture might show ms shah has lost a little weight..bravo!)
-ross' "wife" and mrs. shah both prop their left leg forward and invert their right leg when taking a picture.
-the guy in the original picture is presumably mr. shah, based on his height.

I'm no expert (ok well maybe I am) but this is 99.99% accurate

and what kind of pathetic man needs a pretend wife...lololol.. I wonder what mr. and mrs. shah would think of this.
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Casio why are you hatin' on Ross; everybody have a dark side...
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epic thread.
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^ Thats not ross now ,is it ?
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I don't get it, what's so funny about this shit?
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you had to follow the epic ross saga on jawnz dot com to get it.
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-Bendik aka Ross decided that after a year and a half he would post a WAYWT pic on jawnz.com.

-Everyone on jawnz started making fun of said WAYWT pic, commenting on his geriatric taste in footwear, stretched out 1 pair of Dior jeans and polo shirt that goes down to his knees.

-Someone pointed out the female in his picture to which ross replied "that is my girlfriend..everyone is jealous when they see us together.. they say "how could someone like ross get such a fine piece of ass..to which i say, 'I don't know but I did!'"

-Almost everyone on jawnz made fun of ross' bad taste in fatties, including his "current" dating prospect who was an arab (even though ross was from an uptight jewish/guido family)

-A month or two later ross "gets married" to make julz jealous because she had stopped writing to him after she got married herself, in a sad attempt to rekindle their e-relationship by having "something in common."

-Several months go by and ross continually pissed everyone off, much like he does here. He even started arguing with the fems on the jawnz about how to maintain their vaginas for less odor and more freshness!

-The jawnz troll fellowship was born (11-17-09) which consisted of 6 members.

-Given ross' location, relative age and stupid ass smug smile we were able to find his full name and all the lulz that came with it.

-Slew of Epic threads began on jawnz dot com (11-18-09)
hello ross NSFW (Page 1) - Trash - jawnz
ross owes casio and jawnz an apology (Page 1) - Trash - jawnz

-Ross plays it coy by denying he is said bent dick character, even though undenyable proof and nobody is buying it. Except the mods, who continually try to cover up for ross through diffusion.

-Ross tries to get me banned by saying I sent his family a MAIL BOMB but later recanted his childish statement but was not banned for it because the admins on jawnz are complete hypocrites.

-Looked into ross' marriage certificate and was unable to find one. Ross declares he took his WIFE'S surname.

-Ross officially became my gimp. Everyone sees ross as a eunich now.

-Decided to share with everyone (1-17-10) that ross' curvy wife is only his "pretend" wife which leads us to believe if bendik is married, his actual wife is far more hideous, hence his need to take on a slightly less hideous pretend wife, even though he could have used her latter pics to show off her thinner silloette but ross only had ONE picture to show off with himself and his former fellow employee.

some other stuff happened in between but I can't be bothered recolligere'ing it.
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ok, but....who cares?
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^lol hahahaha
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casiotech, i believe you have just been trolled by the honestforum collective. don't worry, jawnz sans mihalis still loves you.
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Casio you still on this shit? lol
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no actually I was going to let the rest of your bullshit slide but since you keep addressing me in almost every one of your posts on jawnz I thought I'd destroy what shred of dignity you had left.
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What posts on Jawnz? lol
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lol the ones where you keep addressing me and sonic a month after we've been gone, lol

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Facts not in evidence Casio

Jawnz was more exciting in some ways with you and Sonic there, but I am thrilled to not be dealing with you both and I do not need to keep bringing it up...your new boyfriend (Cez) does it for me
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Originally Posted by casiotech View Post
You know where to find me, right? Get the address from Casio.

Does anyone else find it curious that "ross a. bendik" who hasn't logged into his myspace or facebook in over a year has managed to magically DELETE both profiles?? Doesn't sound like something someone who doesn't care would do.

ross bendik - MySpace People Search

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sounds like when cez kills this "innocent" bendik character it will actually be you
Maybe Bendik disappeared because a bunch of guys from a website he'd never heard of started threatening him and his family/friends...
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There is a word for someone who continually refers to himself in 3rd person

it's called schizophrenia
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Originally Posted by ross View Post
Facts not in evidence Casio

Jawnz was more exciting in some ways with you and Sonic there, but I am thrilled to not be dealing with you both and I do not need to keep bringing it up...your new boyfriend (Cez) does it for me
You always start shit you little bitch. Case in point.

fucking idiot doesn't know how to spell "carapace" (Page 1) - The Lounge - jawnz

I already told you stop addressing me,OK. Don't talk to me you weak bitch, srsly. Go hang out with your friends wife, OK. Maybe she'll invite you over to dinner while her husband is away, LOL. Your are pathetic Ross, I CAN'T BREATHE. I hope he finds this thread and checks your bitch ass. I am done with you. Thank God HF has an ignore button.
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