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Are these true fake

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Are these true fake i would like to know before i report them fake. Because they look realy shity to me and for £199. help most appreciated
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very fake
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Thanks lilcram, Im new to true religion still learning
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they must be out of there mind asking that much!
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Well I'm new at this, but they look fake;

check the red stitching on the lil white buddha label
on the bottom and tops of it, the red stitching starts out lined up evenly then as it goes to the right, it travels UPWARDS...

____======<<<<<<< (excuse the crappy ascii explanation, but do you see what I'm saying?)

Also the pockets look tacky and blocky.

TR doesn't charge $300 for nothing. You get the quality you pay for .. simple mistakes like these probably wouldn't exist on real trues.. at least none that I've seen.
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They have already been declared fake
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