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i want to get darron 8e7 but i don't know how it fits...i usually wear thanaz in size 30
i tried on safado 8e7 in size 31 and they fit great but i don't like how it was too baggy from the knees down...can anyone recommend me what size to get for darron?
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^ size down on darron, I could Get into W28 but super tight in them.
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zodiac would u happen to know the measurements for the darron in w28?
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Anyone heard anything about Safado 8E7 coming to US stores?
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I heard they aren't going to b sold in the US. I finnal. Got my pair from
ssense & they're awesome!
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Anyone know sizing compared to Safado 8YM ?
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How is the wash quality on them? All of the pairs I've seen look "over-washed" the Zatiny and Darron version look better to me. But I prefer the Safado cut. How do yours compare?
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Anyone about how they run in lenght and waist compared to 8YM?

Going to order them on Diesel store online, wondering if should pick W31/L34 as usual for me in safado

Thanks in advance
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^From what i've seen the 32's only run a half an inch long. So 32 1/2.. I've been looking for 8E7 in 31X34 but can't find them! Do you have a site link with that size/length?
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anyone has a pair of darron 8e7 in size 32 for sale.

looking for a good deal.

let me know.


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