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looking for help!

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hi! I've been a long time dry denim fan but have yet to purchase a pair. I have a pair of levis 511's that i love to wear, but I'm interested in getting a pair of A.P.C.'s but im not sure what size or style to get. Some sites say to downsize by one, some say two. I'm looking to get a similar if not same fit as my Levi 511's and I wear a 34x32. If anyone could shine a little light on my problem that'd be very helpful
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ummm get the New Standards, I guess they'd be the closest to the 511s, but erm yeah size down in the waist, so you'd go to a 33. But they'll stretch after a few days or so.
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New Standards are closer to 514 than 511. Petite Standards or New Cures would be closer. Size down 1 in the waist for either the petite standard or new cure. If you do get standards, size down minimal 2, 3 is recommended for a slimmer fit. They'll be tight as hell at first but they stretch a ton in the first month.
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