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Are Vintage1 jeans any good?

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I ordered a pair of motorcycle jeans via beyondtherack.com at only $21, Vintage1 speed wash... The price was so awesome I only checked a few sites on the brand and I purchased them right away...

Does anybody own a pair of Vintage1s? Are they considered premium? I see they are priced around $198 on most selling sites. Do they have good cut/fit/feel?

If anybody is interested, I'll reply how they look on me once I get them... Thanks!
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I ordered myself a two pairs from BTR as well. They were too good of a price to not buy! If a lot of celebrities are wearing them then they may have some potential. We'll see in a few weeks though!
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I own a pair and I really like them. The denim isn't quite as stretchy as Genetics or Current/Elliott and the leg isn't as skinny as I like, but that is what makes them slightly different than all of my other jeans. So I would give them 4 out of 5 stars for fit but 5 stars for style!
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