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online store?

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I need another opinion about this store, please tell me if anyone ever buy from this store


I have to be pretty cautious about buying in online store

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i've been visiting this site for a while now. what are you worried about? that their goods are fake? i highly doubt they are.
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yeah...that's what I worried about.....I've been looking at online store (mainly US store) and found out that jeans like true religion + let's say shipping cost about 25 per pair therefore the price will be about US$200.

I checked at the store here in melbourne, Australia and they sell per pair same type for AU$395 which about US$300-US$350

that's why I worried
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Australia rips you off. $200 is about the MSRP.
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The official hompage of Blue Cult (www.bluecult.com) offers this web-shop to buy jeans from Blue Cult. So I guess all clothes must be real and no fakes. Hope I coul helped.

Sorry for my English. I´m German.

Bye! Saskia
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I have bought a few pairs of True Religion jeans from them and they are authentic.
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