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I know this has been discussed before, but I'm still confused. From what I read, PS is straight while NC is tapered, but some posts also say that PS is more tapered than NC. Does this mean PS has a smaller leg or is it actually tapered? I'm looking to cop a black raw pair in size 26, coming form diesel size 27/28. Can anyone who owns PS or NC in 26 post some measurements, specially the leg openings?

My tightest diesel pair is the 88z which I have in 27. the waist aligned is 15 and is very tight including the thighs, but I can fully button. I saw a pair of black raw PS in size 25 on sufu, and was surprised to see the waist was about 14.5 which I can manage. So should I size down to 26 or 25? The leg opening was pretty small though, measuring 6" compared to my 7.5" diesels.
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From what I know, PS is a minimized version of NS, lower rise and slimmer thigh and hem.
NC is tighter. Both are tapered.
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so which one has a smaller leg opening in the same size?
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Does APC make any non-tapered cuts?
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NC has that light flare. Not good imo.
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Petite standards are not tapered. They are just very skinny all the way through the leg and has a much lower rise than the new standard. The new cures are heavily tapered. If you usually wear a 27, get them in 26.
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