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Hello all, could I get some recommendations on slim fitting basic tops? I'm kinda sick of AA's shit quality (and not that great of fits) but at the same time don't want to be spending more than ~50 usd for a basic t-shirt.


EDIT: Alternative Apparel looks pretty nice. Just copped a 3/4 Henley to to check it out
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Hi dzondlo, did you Google it? I'm sure there our many online stores which have nice quality slim fit tops and are in your price range. Share with us when you get the one .
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Lol googling "slim mens basics" doesn't come up w/ much. Alternative apparel is pretty cool. I like the fits a lot.
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ben sherman has some nice basic shirts and tees at a good price and run pretty slim.. scotch & soda is another good one
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Hey dzondlo, how is the alternative stuff working out, is the quality any better? and are the tops longer or shorter than AA?
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