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Authentication CHECK!

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Okay I am not too concerned if these are fake. My friend gave them to me and I think she got them at a second hand store. But I am impressed if these are fake cuz they're soft and stretchy and the micro stitching is good but I don't do Sevens so if I wanna sell them I need to know if they are real or not.


By the way, they happen to have the "fake" cut number 701856

But I guess what has me stumped is under the cut tag in pic 3 there is another tag and on the back under a sliver stitched line is a number 022-015500 I think. It's very hard to see cuz it's like an imprint. See last picture you can vaguely see the silver line and then JMKSL 202 I think. I dunno. I mention all this cuz I was thinking maybe these are really old jeans.....
OR fake....
let me know I would like to get them off my hands since they're too small
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I can't say either way for sure. Can you take clear, not overly exposed, FLAT pictures? Interior tag with red tag showing and straight on of back pocket?
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They are super fake
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bahaha thanks Ruth.

OP, please don't wear fakes. Not cool.
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Ruth, did you have a baby?!

No Tweety?!
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