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Viker 88z

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I was looking at getting a pair of viker 88z but when i looked on the diesel site it said leg opening was 8.8 inches, is this correct as this is pretty wide for a slim fit jean? Some websites i have come accross have even called it bootcut?
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I'm not an expert of vikers, but as you can see, definetely not a bootcut

and they are regular slim
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My viker's are 8"
But that's cause they're 26 & 27's
8.8 would be something like 34 or so...
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What size are you looking at getting? I will measure mine tonight for you when I get home from the office. Also they are brand new and never worn as my girlfriend bought them for me in Hawaii and they are too big. If they are the right size I would sell them to you.
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there's some cheap BNWT in the mall
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