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Hello, This is my first post here and i need some help! LOL I have been buying and selling on e-bay since 1998 with no negative feedback. About a year ago i started selling used jeans on e-bay and have been doing research on how to tell which jeans are fake. I do not ever want to sell a fake pair of jeans. I only do this as a part time "hobby". I have a full time job as a truck driver, but my wife and i like to go out and find jeans to put on e-bay. My question is, i found a pair of TR that does not have a waistband tag, the stitching everywhere including the inseam is perfect and matches other authentic TR jeans that i have. I have seen that the Made in USA should not have dots between the letters (U.S.A.) These jeans have that. The pockets look to be just like others with the right curve. Did TR ever make jeans without the back waistband tag? I have looked very carefully and i do not see where there could have ever been one. Any help would be greatly appreciated!