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Bought some Diors in $80

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Hey, I went to LA and they have some Diors in $80, they are white and are really dirty, so they look greyish, can some one help me with trhe name.
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Hey I look around these look the same..

SF - White/ Grey Dior Homme Jeans Size 27 - Style Forum
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post worn pics?
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I'd recommend pics to prove authenticity If they are authentic, I'd suggest stocking up haha
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yeah, I get interested when I read about that, but seeing pics... well, I'm not feeling this wash
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Sure, I got them at Barneys so I know they are authentic, but I will post some worn pics when I get my camera back,(I left them at some friends on Xmas day), I am really interested in seeing what you guys think of the fit, since I am not convinced ( I am not in love with the way Dior fit me).
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did they have other sizes or was that the only pair?
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Considering your build, I can understand why you're not convinced on the way Diors fit you. Definitely post fit pics if you can. Not a fan of the wash, though.
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how about them worn pics?
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yeah, curious to see
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well i cant see the picture is there some problem with my browser or the picture has been removed? :S
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Nah, I havent posted them.
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seriously, care to post worn pics?
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