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jeans sizes

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I purchased a pair of versace jeans at sizes 30"W 32"L (which is my size). when they arrived and i tried them on ther was no way they would fit me... so i decided to measure them with a tape.. to my surprise they were actually 28". This got me curious so i measure my other jeans only to find the sizes differ, my Crosshatch jeans are 30"W 32"L. When i measure these, they actually measure at a 32 waiste.. i have done the same thing with a pair of dsquared jeans too... Whats going on ??
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Italian sizes are always smaller. Usually i wear a W32, but have to get a W36 if i buy jeans like, Dsquared, D&G, Andrew Mackenzie etc.
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let's say, every designer jeans brand has its own sizing
that's why forums like this are useful

to give and receive info, and to compare brands sizing
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