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levis raw trucker/dirty

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hello all,
im new here and i have a question,i have a levis shrink to fit dry trucker that i want to break in im a welder in a metal shop and ive been wearing it for 2 weeks its dirty and there are wear marks in the wrinkles i want to wash but dont want to cleanse the palete is it to early? im very hard on the wear
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way too early. Have some patience man, these things take time.
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way too early man.... was it a geniune levis.. let me kno about it...
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Did you give them an initial hot soak? If not, go ahead and wash them in hot water with no detergent and hang dry them. If you already did give them an initial hot soak and feel like you must clean them, soak them in cold water for an hour and hang dry. Do not throw them in a dryer.
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