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Authentic check for customer

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A customer claim the jeans i'm sold to him is fake; and I need everyone's help to authenticate this jeans so the costumer can see for himself.
Please help
Thank you
Authentic Rock & Republic - TAYLOR - DRAD DORADO -- 38 - eBay (item 220484452717 end time Dec-16-09 19:12:10 PST)
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Those are real. I'm not sure if the double set of tags are throwing the buyer off or not but those are definitely real and the second pair are just sample/manufacturing tags that weren't removed before the regular tags were attached
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nlp272 is a long-time eBay seller for real denim. I've been a repeat purchaser over the last 1.5 years, and can vouch for him being legit. He's never sold me anything fake, and is actually a pretty nice guy.

Shame those Dorados aren't in a 31 - I would've snatched those quick! What's the buyer thinking? The tags and stitching are genuine R&R. I doubt a fraud would've gone the lengths Beeka has gone in terms of photographing.
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Nice, even wash, proper rivets, all the fonts on the interior tags are correct (yes sample tags) perfectly aligned and thick interior stitching, perfect shape of the R. Nope, not a thing wrong with them! Most definatly real!
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