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Older Sevens..? Differences?

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Does anyone have an older pair of Sevens? I got a pair and I believe they are authentic but I'm not sure. They are the bootcut and everything looks just like the authentic ones except one detail that confuses me:

- The red label just above the right back pocket is marked SEVEN in yellow instead of for all mankind. The background is red with some small yellow dots/marks (=like the authentic ones)

- They're also different on the inside in the middle of the waist lining because they don't have the big 7 it only says Seven and underneath that:for all mankind in yellow/gold.

I think that I have read somewhere on the internet that the older versions of Seven used to look like that and I even think there was a picture. Now I can't find the site and I'd really like to look it up..

Please help me!
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older sevens

i also bought some older sevens. refer to the "label" post in fakes?and see if there are any similarities. i don't have the same differences in seven icons however.
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Hi lonka!

Yes, I believe this is what the first Sevens looked like. Can you tell us the cut number of your jeans? They must be really old ...

Best regards, Bianca
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Cut number


The cut# is 92674. Yes, I believe they are quite old :P Thank you!
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92674 - yep, these were one of the first Sevens produced. The oldest pair I've seen so far had a cut number starting with 8!
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Thank you very much for your help!
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